Dhanbad: Colorful mood man was looking for third marriage with two wives, villagers beat him up and handed him over to police

Report – Sanjay Gupta

Dhanbad. Dhanbad of Jharkhand In K Balliapur police station area, a colorful man tried to get married for the third time with two wives. In fact, this person, being the first wife, got married for the second time fraudulently. And kept this thing hidden from the first wife for 8 months. Now he was trying to cheat the second wife in the affair of marrying the sister of the first VB. But the villagers caught the accused and handed him over to the police.

Laxmi Devi, the second wife of accused Manoj Rawani, told that her husband had done a second marriage with her by deceitfully saying that his first wife had died. Later, when she came to know that her husband’s first wife was alive, she accepted her destiny and lived with her husband.

According to Lakshmi, but now the husband has liked the younger sister of the first wife. And he wants to do third marriage with her. When she refuses, he beats her up. Two days ago, by taking him to the forest, he tried to kill him by beating him. But after hearing his scream, the local villagers reached there and saved him. Later, the villagers caught her husband and handed him over to the police.

Rajendra Kisku, Deputy Chief of Balliapur told that the accused was trying to get married for the third time with two wives. On protesting, he is beating up the second wife. When the villagers saw, after saving the woman, the accused was handed over to the police.


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