A unique archery competition is held in Kasmar on Makar Sankranti, aim and get the farm as a reward

Bokaro. The practice of an interesting archery competition in the Kasmar block of Jharkhand has been going on for centuries. The winner of this archery competition is given a field prize for a year. People know this competition to be held on the occasion of Makar Sankranti by the name of Bejha Bindha. In many parts of Jharkhand, Makar Sankranti is celebrated this time on 15 January. Apparently, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, a Bejha Bindha competition was organized in Manzora village of Kasmar.

This time the winner of this competition was Kishun Mahato. After the winner was declared, the people of the area carried him on his shoulders and carried him around the village as per the tradition. Dozens of participants participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. A large number of villagers were present during this. Let us inform that Ritvaran Mahato (now deceased), a resident of Manzora, started this unique tradition about 100 years ago. Since then this competition has been organized every year with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Under this competition, a banana stem is buried in the middle of the field to target. After that people of all castes and religions of the village aim at it with arrows. The person who hits the target first is gifted a field for a year. For this, no amount is charged from the contestants or any rent from the winner. Vijay Kishore Gautam, a descendant of Ritvaran Mahato, who started this tradition, told that this tradition is going on for years. This competition is started by our family by shooting arrows. After that the contestants of the village target themselves. There is no caste-religion bar to participate in this competition. Villagers told that before this tradition, all the surrounding villages are informed about this by playing drums. After that, on the day of the competition, after bathing in the morning and playing ball, work is done to fulfill this tradition in the area.


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