If you are going to visit Shimla, then be careful, do not bring corona infection with you! Know what is the matter….

Shimla. Due to snowfall and changing weather, the number of tourists is increasing rapidly in Himachal Pradesh and especially Shimla. Along with this, a rapid jump has also been seen in the cases of corona infection. Active cases of corona in the state have crossed 6937. Which has increased 10 times faster than last week. According to the latest data of Corona, the speed of corona which had stopped in Shimla has increased again and in the last 24 hours 225 new infected cases were reported. At the same time, 52 new cases have come at 1 pm on Thursday. According to the latest figures, there are 804 new active cases in the district. In which 756 corona infected homes have been isolated, while 20 are admitted in IGMC and 25 in Military Hospital.

due to change in weather
According to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Surekha Chopra, there has been a rapid increase in the cases of corona in the district. The main reason for this was the sudden change in the winter season. Due to this, there has been a spurt in corona cases. He told that even though the cases of corona have increased, but more serious cases have not come. He said that in Shimla, more than 500 beds are available in the hospitals with the department, which are still lying vacant. Apart from this, if the number of patients in hospitals increases, then beds in hospitals can be increased.

need to be alert
Dr. Surekha Chopra did not say that even though there has been an increase in corona cases, but this time there have not been more serious cases like before. Earlier, where cases of oxygen problem were reported, now that kind of patients have not come. He said that we need to be alert on the increasing cases of corona, in such a situation, if symptoms of a slight infection are seen, then the test should be done immediately because the infection is not being detected properly. He said that on the increasing cases of corona, we should There is a need to be more cautious, it is necessary to follow the corona rules.


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