Himachal: Disturbances in MPW recruitment in IHP department? Maheshwar Singh surrounded his own 2 BJP ministers, sought investigation from CM

Kullu. Former BJP MP and former MLA Maheshwar Singh has raised questions on his own government on the recruitment of multipurpose employees in the Jal Shakti Department (IPH Department) by the Himachal Pradesh government. Maheshwar Singh alleges that there has been a disturbance in the MPW recruitment of the IPH department and only 3 persons were recruited in the Kullu assembly, while the cadets have not been recruited despite the experience in their assembly.

He has also met CM Jairam Thakur and demanded an inquiry. Maheshwar Singh said that which is such a merit, which is not found in Kullu but in Manali?

Former MLA Maheshwar Singh said that I had gone to Shimla and demanded the Chief Minister to complete the announcements of the Kullu assembly soon and make the upcoming budget, in such a situation the announcements made in the Kullu assembly have not been fulfilled and also regarding Mandal Milan. Written request is made. He said that I have written a complaint to the Chief Minister regarding the recruitment in the IPH department and the Chief Minister has accepted the neglect. He said that about the recruitment from XEN of IPH department, 3 people have been recruited from Kullu assembly, while 31 people have been recruited from Manali assembly. On this XEN said that I have not skimped on giving the number. Candidates did not have experience. On this Maheshwar Singh said that he had asked whether the people of Kullu do not have experience.

IPH Minister’s statement has come that there was no disturbance

Maheshwar Singh said that out of 31 cadets, 1 from Banjar and 1 from Mandi and 1 from Saraj have been selected in recruitment. At the same time, the statement of the IPH Minister regarding recruitment has come that there was no disturbance, on this he has asked the IPH Minister whether you had checked the results? Clean chit has been given without checking the result. I have demanded an inquiry from the Chief Minister regarding this and after examining which milk should be water of milk. Maheshwar Singh has claimed that experience certificates were sought from the contractors. There should be a complete investigation into the matter.


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