COVID-19: Corona hit again at HRTC, closed these 27 routes in Una

Una. The effect of the third wave of Kovid-19 in Himachal Pradesh is now clearly visible on the social systems. Himachal Road Transport Corporation has decided to close about 27 routes till further orders due to restrictions imposed due to Kovid-19. Local and inter-state routes are also included in these bus routes closed by the corporation. It is believed that due to the arrival of the third wave of infection, the passengers in the buses have also reduced a lot.

It has been decided to close all the loss making routes. In order to prevent losses to Himachal Road Transport Corporation, the officials immediately decided to close those bus routes, in which the number of passengers is very less or no at all.

Due to the restrictions, it has been decided to close about 27 routes till further orders.

Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s regional manager Suresh Dhiman says that due to the third wave of Kovid-19, HRTC has had to take a decision to close more than two dozen of its bus routes. Passengers in buses have become very less due to the circumstances of the transition, while there are some bus routes in which there are no passengers at all. The bus routes which are running in loss continuously are being closed to reduce the burden of loss on the corporation. The 27 bus routes that have been closed include local and inter-state bus routes within the district. Some of these routes will remain closed only on holidays, while other routes have been closed till further orders.

Routes will start again
The regional manager said that as soon as the situation becomes normal, these routes of HRTC will be seen galloping on the roads again. RM said that the sequence of sanitizing the buses has also been started once again, under which the bus coming from any route is first sanitized and only then it is being sent for the next route. .


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