Not petty, this is a fraud of 100 crores, 18 crores cash found with the mastermind, luxury vehicles like Range Rover, Audi

Gurugram. A case of fraud worth crores has come to the fore in the name of the country’s largest security agency NSG. The police has arrested the mastermind in the case of cheating of crores in the name of getting the contract in NSG. The SIT has arrested the main accused Praveen Yadav, his wife Mamta Yadav and sister Ritu Yadav and one other. Mastermind Praveen Yadav, pretending to be a deputy commandant, along with wife, brother-in-law and sister, carried out the fraud of crores.

In the NSG campus, a fraud of more than 100 crores was carried out in the name of making 16 km long Perifill Road, STP, getting contract of Central Warehouse. Gurugram Police has registered 3 separate FIRs in Manesar police station against Praveen Yadav, his wife and sister Ritu Yadav, who is the manager in Axis Bank and her husband Naveen Yadav, as well as Axis Bank in the cheating case of crores. After registering a case on the complaint of different aggrieved companies, the police have started investigation.

The main accused Praveen Yadav was accused of duping crores of rupees by opening a fake account in the name of NSG Headquarters in Axis Bank with the help of his sister Ritu, who is a manager in Axis Bank.

18 crore cash and four luxury cars have been recovered from the mastermind accused.

18 crore cash and four luxury vehicles recovered

In fact, 3 well-known companies gave written complaint to Gurugram Police, that a person named Praveen Yadav posing as Deputy Commandant, forged documents regarding construction of Perifill Road, construction of STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) and housing flats in NSG campus, NSG By opening an account in the name of NSG Headquarters in Axis Bank located on the campus, he got crores of rupees transferred from the aggrieved companies and escaped by cheating. Police have also seized an amount of Rs 18 crore and 4 luxury vehicles on the spot of the arrested accused.

Copy of forged document in which NSG letterhead was used

According to the complainants, Praveen Yadav, the mastermind of the incident, met the aggrieved companies in June 2020 and told himself to be an IPS officer and also to be the Deputy Commandant on Deputation in NSG. After which the victims went on falling prey to it. If ACP Crime is to be believed in this case, Praveen Yadav held several meetings in the NSG premises and took the victim companies into confidence and got crores of rupees transferred to fake accounts created in the name of NSG Headquarters, after which the victims started circling. .

According to the police, Parveen Yadav’s sister Ritu Yadav, who is posted as manager of Axis Bank located in NSG Campus, with the help of her, opened a fake account in the name of NSG Headquarters and carried out the fraud of crores.

The matter is related to NSG headquarters, so SIT is investigating

The matter was related to NSG campus, so Gurugram police registered a case and formed SIT and arrested Praveen Yadav, Mamta Yadav, Ritu Yadav and one other involved in the crime and exposed the fraud of crores. However, Gurugram Police has started investigation by registering a case against Praveen Yadav, his wife Mamta Yadav, his sister Ritu Yadav, Axis Bank and his brother-in-law Naveen Yadav.


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