Landlord daughter with tractor, divides father’s hand in the field after school

Rohtak. Farming is becoming a constant loss deal for the farmer, sometimes natural calamity and sometimes the market price does not allow the farmer to emerge. Farmer (Farmer) Desperate and wants to give up farming, but has no option, so can’t even leave it. On the other hand, Rohtak (Rohtak) Lakshmi, a class 12th student of Sunaria village of K. (12th class student Luxmi) The thinking is very positive. He says that if his family is standing with the farmer, then he can easily face any trouble and this can never dampen the spirit of the farmer. If the people of his family work side by side with him, then the troubles become easy.

Lakshmi is a student of class 12th and is also very smart in studies. With her father, she helps in the work of the fields. She also works as a rope, watering the fields and plowing with a tractor. She believes that girls are not behind in any work and there is no work that girls cannot do.

Regarding farming, Lakshmi says that of course, the farmer gets lesser price of the crop in the mandis. Sometimes the farmer has to bear the loss due to natural calamity and sometimes due to disease in the crop. But it does not happen every time that the farmer always has to bear the loss, the farmer also gets the profit.

farmer’s daughter

Farmer should get support of his family

Lakshmi said that the biggest thing is that the farmer should get the support of his family, every member of the house should extend his hand. This gives him courage and overcomes every problem easily. The problem comes when the farmer is left alone, he has to get all the farm work done on wages.

Comes from school and distributes father’s hand

All the hard work of the farmer goes into wages and if it is talked about in the right way, then the farmer only gets his wages and that is his earnings. Therefore, the family must cooperate in farming, only then a farmer can be successful. I also come from school and help my father in the farm work.


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