Haryana Roadways bus overturned in Fatehabad, accident occurred in the pursuit of saving bike rider

Fatehabad. Fatehabad of Haryana (Fatehabad) A painful accident in the district (Accident) Done. Where a Haryana Roadways bus full of passengers fell into the mustard field in an attempt to save the bike rider. The bus overturned as soon as it fell in the mustard field. The passengers on the bus came out through the windows. There were more than 30 passengers on the bus. The youth who got out of the bus helped the other passengers to get out. Thankfully no passenger was seriously injured.

It is being told that this roadways bus makes night stop in Nahla every day. After 5 o’clock in the evening, the bus left for Nahla with about 30 passengers in the last round. According to the bus driver Sonu and the operator Rammehar, as soon as the bus left Dhangad and started going towards Mohammadpur Rohi, the bus landed in a rough place in order to save the motorcyclist on the highway. Due to this the bus turned to one side.

people out of windows

There were mostly young passengers in the bus, so he got out through the windows. However, none of the passengers suffered major injuries. Later, a crane was called for information in the duty section and the bus was straightened and taken to the workshop located at the bus stand.

Police not informed

The passengers left through other vehicles at their destination. Surprisingly, neither the roadways general manager was informed nor the police administration was informed even for two hours after the accident.


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