Good News: Another superfast train will run in Haryana, this route will remain

Hisar. The government has brought a great news for the people of Haryana. Super fast train between Delhi and Hisar (Super Fast Train) Ready to run. Ministry of Railways for this (Railway Ministry) Elevated rail line will be laid on this route. This will bring great relief to the passengers. Haryana Urban Local Bodies Minister Dr. Kamal Gupta informed that plans are being made to build a new railway line between Delhi and Hisar and run superfast trains on this route. This will also increase the connectivity of Delhi Airport and Hisar Airport.

At present, the distance of 180 km between Delhi-Hisar is covered in four hours by normal train. This distance can be covered in just two and a half hours from the elevated rail line. The advantage of this will be that if there is more air traffic at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, then some air traffic can be diverted to Hisar Airport. With this, Hisar airport can also be developed as an aviation hub.

The Urban Local Bodies Minister said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal has discussed in detail with Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav last day about the new railway line and running fast trains. He said that both the eastern and western dedicated routes originate from Haryana. Ten new railway stations will also be built on these. A road will also be built under the elevated railway line of Rohtak.

He told that the DPR of the elevated railway line of Kaithal will be made. The process of acquiring land in Prithla and Palwal will be started soon. After this, soon the link will be made and connected to the economy corridor. Kamal Gupta informed that effective steps are being taken by the state government for the improvement of the infrastructure of railways and roadways in the state.


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