Hindu child was forcibly circumcised, father reached police station against wife and mother-in-law, created a ruckus

Jashpur. A complaint has been lodged at the Sanna police station in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh for forcibly circumcising a child of Hindu religion. The father of the minor child alleges that his wife, mother-in-law and another have forcibly taken his son to Ambikapur and got his son circumcised. Both also tried to get the minor converted to religion. This matter, which came to the fore on January 10, caught a lot of attention. People associated with the Hindu organization demonstrated outside the police station and demanded the early arrest of the accused. After three days of ruckus, the police have finally arrested the child’s mother and grandmother. After the legal process, he has been admitted to the jail on Wednesday.

Bharat Lal Sahu, Inspector of Sanna Police Station, said that a man from Nagartoli in the police station area had lodged a complaint of forcible circumcision of his minor son. After investigation, his complaint was found to be true. The man had complained against his wife, mother-in-law and another. In the investigation, the crime of getting the minor boy circumcised and conversion was found by the accused. After this, sections 295 (a), 323, 34 and section 3, 4 of the Chhattisgarh Freedom of Religion Act have been instituted against the three.

got married 10 years ago

According to the written application of the man, 10 years ago he was married to a Muslim girl. Both had married according to Hindu customs. He was living his life according to Hindu customs. Both have a son and a daughter. He is also being brought up by Hindu tradition, but on 19 November 2021, the wife went to her maternal home with the son. From there his wife and maternal grandmother took the son to Ambikapur, where the doctor forced the son to be circumcised (Sunnah) and convert to convert to Muslim religion. Since my marriage, I have been continuously pressured to convert to Islam. For this, I have been given many temptations, in which it was said to give a pickup vehicle. But I was not at all ready and am not in favor of accepting Islam. Due to this, the wife along with her maternal relatives got the son forcibly circumcised.


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