Corona’s RTPCR report will also have to be shown to go near animals, know the new guideline

Raipur. Before wandering around the animals in the jungle safari of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, you will have to show the RTPCR report of your corona. You can get entry there only if the RTPCR report of Corona is negative. The Jungle Safari Management of Raipur has issued a new guideline in view of the danger of corona infection in animals. Under this, entry in Jungle Safari has been stopped without RTPCR negative report. Apart from jungle safari, special precaution is also being claimed in Bhilai’s Friendship Garden, Raipur’s Nandanvan and other zoos.

In view of the increasing infection of Corona, the Jungle Safari Management of Raipur had earlier issued a guideline for entry to negative persons in the antigen report of Kovid, but in view of the rapid infection that has increased since last week, the management invalidated the antigen report. Have given. Now the guideline for entry in jungle safari has been issued only if the corona is negative in the RTPCR report. In view of the danger of infection in animals, wildlife is being kept separately. Along with this, meat is being cooked in 100 degrees for them to eat. To prevent infection, each enclosure is being claimed to be sanitized twice in 2 days. Not only this, under the new guideline, zookeepers posted under the supervision of wildlife have not been allowed to come out.

6153 new infected in 24 hours
According to the Corona Bulletin released in Chhattisgarh on January 14, 5 infected people have died in a day. Apart from this, 6153 new corona patients have been found in the state. The state’s average positivity rate in cases of corona has reached 10.21 percent. The total number of active infected in the state has reached 30 thousand 862. In the capital Raipur, 1859 new patients of corona infection have been found in the last 24 hours. Whereas corona infection has been confirmed in 949 patients in Raigad, 854 in Durg and 444 in Korba.


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