Another royal family of Chhattisgarh embroiled in controversies, rape case filed against Raja’s successor

Janjgir. A case of rape has been registered against Kunwar Dharmendra Singh, the heir of the then Shakti royal family of Janjgir district in Chhattisgarh. The woman, a close relative of the royal family, has filed a case against Kunwar Dharmendra Singh. The woman has said in the complaint that on the night of January 9, Kunwar Dharmendra forcibly entered her palace and had unnatural sex with her. Dharmendra Singh Janjgir is the adopted son of Raja Surendra Bahadur Singh of the erstwhile State Shakti of Champa district. Recently Surendra Bahadur had declared Dharmendra Bahadur as heir to his throne.

Janjgir district’s SP Dr. Abhishek Pallav told the media that an FIR has been registered against Dharmendra Singh on the basis of the complaint made by the woman. The woman said in her complaint that Dharmendra forcibly entered her palace and forcibly raped her and also raped her on January 9. The woman was alone at her house at the time of the incident and was also assaulted. He informed his brother after which he approached the police. Let us tell you that in the last one month, this is the second royal family of Chhattisgarh, whose relationship has been associated with controversies. In the last week of December, there was an open dispute regarding property in the Khairagarh royal family. Controversy has started after the death of Raja Devvrat Singh.

Case registered in these cases
According to the police, a case of 377 for unnatural sex with a woman classified as rape, section 450 for house-trespass and 354 for assault on any woman or use of criminal force was registered against Dharmendra Singh, according to the police. Is. The statements of the alleged accused, survivor and other family members are being recorded and after that the accused will be arrested. Let us tell you that property dispute is going on in the royal family for the last few days. The coronation of Dharmendra Singh was already being questioned, his adoption was also challenged in the court by Rani Geeta. The crowning ceremony of Dharmendra Singh was done in October 2021 and he was adopted as a child.


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