Salute to such thinking! 922 trees were to be cut for road widening, but such a plan was made to save 828

Patna. Capital development work in patna Hundreds of trees have been cut in the name of especially Patna Bailey Road Many valuable and ancient trees were completely destroyed in the exercise of widening both the sides. The reason was given to the increasing burden of vehicles on the roads of Patna. likewise Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park i.e. Patna Zoo Many of the most valuable trees were also destroyed because Patna’s Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Airport Having more Aircraft landing and take off I was facing trouble. The reason given here is that if the trees are not cut and the height of the remaining trees is not reduced, then at any time a big accident can happen. although environmentalists It was believed that if the right planning was done then these precious and medicinal trees could be saved. In the midst of this disappointing news, a good and heartwarming news sasaram has come from. Roads are being widened here, but without cutting trees or damaging them.

The news is that the work of widening and strengthening is being done from SP Jain College of Old GT Road to Kumhau Gate of Sasaram city. There are about 922 trees on this road which are becoming a hindrance in the development work. But, the positive thing is that out of these 922 trees, 752 trees are being kept in place instead of cutting them on the initiative of the Forest Department. 76 trees are being shifted to the Baradih-Mokar canal chart land under the supervision of the Forest Department without damaging them.

According to the information received, 76 trees are being translocated by the Road Construction Department through an agency in New Delhi with modern technology. These trees are being planted by taking them to the safe Baradih-Mokar canal chart land. However, the branches of the relocated trees are being cut. The root of the old tree is being protected by digging a pit below 10 feet. For this, a little digging is being done around the root of the tree and water is being poured. Keeping the root safe, digging is being done gradually, it is being covered with sackcloth.

The tree is being relocated only after the root has been secured. The tree is being planted at the identified place by giving organic manure. But, it became necessary to fell 94 trees i.e. they should be felled. Despite this, the big news is that 922-752+ 76=828 trees have been saved. With the initiative of the Road Construction Department and Environment Department, these trees are being saved due to the positive thinking of the local government. In such a situation, common people are praising this work. People believe that if such thinking was kept in Patna also, then hundreds of very important and oldest trees could have been saved.

According to DFO Pradyumna Gaurav, NOC was given to the road construction department only after the consent of translocation of 76 trees. He said that according to the notification, there is a directive to translocate the trees coming under any scheme in any government and non-government land instead of cutting them as far as possible. Under the compliance of the notification, the process of translocation of the trees to be removed from the Forest Department old GT Road is being done on the Baradih-Mokar canal chart land. However, people are appreciating this initiative of the Forest and Environment Department and appealing to the government to make a new action plan so that no further trees are cut.


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