OPINION: Rift in the Grand Alliance, RJD trying to get rid of Congress!

Patna. Regarding the elections to be held on 24 seats of the Legislative Council in Bihar Discord in the Grand Alliance It’s only getting deeper. RJD fixed its candidates on many seats without taking consent from its biggest ally Congress. Here, the Congress has also raised questions on the intention of the RJD and warned not to be considered weak. But, if RJD and Congress leaders are to be believed RJD and Congress That alliance is not strong. RJD is now trying to free itself from the bondage of alliance. The statement of RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari is indicative of this. It tells the story of the ongoing tussle between the two parties. Tejashwi Yadav He has also indicated freedom from the bondage of alliance among his people. Congress and its state president Madan Mohan Jha are also aware of this.

RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari took a jibe at the Congress that ‘is the seats of the Legislative Council elections Satyanarayan God’s prasad? Who will share it among all? Everyone knows how much power he has. 19 Congress MLAs are because of RJD. Tejashwi Yadav All the seats are busy preparing for the elections. Congress should cooperate in this and negative Politics should leave. According to political analysts, whatever Mrityunjay Tiwari has said, he must have been saying, but he was instructed to say so from above. This was the reason that he showed the Congress its land in gestures and also the way out.

Bihar Legislative Council Taking a jibe at the Noora Wrestling going on between RJD-Congress regarding the seats of RJD, BJP State Vice President Rajiv Ranjan said that RJD has made it clear that if Congress wants to do politics in Bihar, then they should dance on the gestures of RJD. Will happen. Not only in the BJP, but also in the political corridor of Bihar, its discussion has intensified that RJD and Congress There has been a rift in the years-old alliance. RJD is now trying to break its alliance with Congress.

Why the distance between RJD and Congress increased

Political analyst Luv Kumar Mishra says that the relationship between the RJD and the Congress is no longer the same as before. Tejashwi Yadav no longer wants Congress’s support. They believe that the Congress gets the benefit of the RJD’s vote bank, but the RJD does not get the benefit of the Congress vote bank. His argument is the statement of the media. In fact, Kanhaiya Kumar After joining the Congress, the relationship between RJD and Congress started growing sour. pappu yadav After the speculation of joining the Congress, there has been a rift in the relationship between the two. According to party sources, RJD assembly by-election I did not like Kanhaiya and Pappu Yadav to campaign for the Congress. In recent days, RJD is also angry with Pappu Yadav’s statement on the new alliance of Congress and JDU every day. If party sources are to be believed, this is the reason why RJD is no longer willing to carry forward its alliance with the Congress.

What do the Congressmen of Bihar want?

Full details of RJD’s intention State Congress President Madan Mohan Jha is also near. Congress party sources say that they are brainstorming on this information. Keeping the information with you. A section of Congress is accusing the state Congress President that RJD often takes advantage of his weakness. The information received from RJD should be given to the high command at the earliest. But instead of doing so, he is talking to those people who are against Congress and RJD. alliance to prevent it from breaking. Congress leaders say that senior leaders do not want any rift in the relationship between RJD and Congress, as the rift between the two will put their chair in danger.

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