OMG: The buffalo died due to the donkey’s grooming, the buffalo owner filed a case against the spoiled donkey and its owner

Sasaram. Usually, when someone does a stupid act or a stupid thing, then angry people compare him to Donkey. But now this animal has also been tagged as a killer. A shocking case has come to light in Sasaram of Rohtas district of Bihar. A donkey killed a buffalo (Donkey Kick Kills Buffalo) by beating him in Sahinon village of Dawath police station area here. After which Muni Chaudhary, the owner of the buffalo, got furious and appealed to the police for legal action against the donkey and its owner Ilyas Hussain.

He has given an application in this regard in Dawath police station, in which it has been told that Ilyas Hussain was going from the street of the village with many of his donkeys. Ballast (gravel) was loaded on the backs of all the donkeys. In this way Muni Chaudhary’s buffalo was eating fodder. Then suddenly a donkey carrying ballast thrashed the buffalo with its hind legs. The buffalo died on the spot due to the donkey’s grooming.

The owner of the buffalo says that he has told Ilyas Hussain many times that his donkey is spoiled, my buffalo is eating fodder on the way. After eating the buffalo fodder, he carried the ballast from his donkey. But he did not agree and the donkey in the course of commuting killed his buffalo which was eating fodder. Due to the tremendous grooming of the donkey, the buffalo lost its life.

Police is investigating a strange case

The police is investigating this strange complaint of Muni Chaudhary. Information is also being collected from the local people in this matter so that further action can be taken. The owner of the buffalo says that the donkey of Ilyas Hussain is spoiled. Every day, he harassed the animals coming in the way by beating them. Due to not keeping control over his spoiled donkey, he has not only lost thousands. Rather, the life of an innocent person has also been lost. He has pleaded for justice for himself and his buffalo.


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