Indian Mujahideen’s evil eye on Bihar, 40 sleeper cells activated in Seemanchal area

Patna. Indian Mujahideen means that name of terror which has registered its nefarious threats in various states of the country including Bihar in the last several years. From Patna’s Gandhi Maidan serial bomb blast to the blasts in Jaipur, Mumbai and Banaras, the eyes of the Indian Mujahideen are once again in the border area of ​​Bihar. According to information received from police sources, the terrorist organization IM, which considers Bihar as its safe zone, is re-establishing its penetration in the border areas of Bihar.

IM is also using 40 stray youths from a particular community coming from Darbhanga and Madhubani districts as sleeper cells. The Union Home Department has shared this information with the Bihar Police Headquarters, as well as has asked to go to the bottom of this input and take appropriate action. Here, the Bihar Police has also started the work of verifying the information received from the Central Home Department. Bihar’s DGP Sanjeev Kumar Singhal also accepts this with a subdued tongue and says that Bihar Police is keeping a close watch on such activities day and night.

Bihar DGP said that from collecting information, the search for such people who are working for IM has also been intensified so that terrorist organizations do not succeed in their nefarious designs. Former IPS officer SK Bhardwaj, who has worked as a DG in Bihar Police for a long time, also says that while targeting people of a particular community, especially from Seemanchal area, terrorists are in this quest that how they can further strengthen the activities. .

Lalan Singh, an expert in security matters and former BSF officer, also says that Bihar has always been a safe corridor for the Indian Mujahideen and it was also used by IM people continuously in the earlier years. The biggest example of this was the Darbhanga module. The NIA dismantled the Darbhanga module in the last year, but many sleeper cells of IM were still left, which may be activated once again and the Indian Mujahideen is trying to carry out its nefarious plan.

It is worth noting that in the past years, the border areas of Bihar, especially Darbhanga district, have been a safe zone for the Indian Mujahideen. While living in this district, Yasin Bhatkal along with his comrades had not only succeeded in carrying out a big terrorist conspiracy in many states of the country including Patna and Bodh Gaya, but also took the stray youths here for sleeper cells and used them for his organization. Did a lot for

In such a situation, it is now coming to the fore that the Indian Mujahideen can register its threat once again during the elections of five states in the country, it is a very serious matter regarding the internal security of the country. It is also being said that by making a big bang in the UP elections, IM is trying to make the countrymen realize its return and is also taking action under its complete planning. This is the reason that as soon as this information came to the Central Investigation Agencies, the Central Home Department handed over the responsibility of its investigation to the Bihar Police.


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