Fire breaks out in Magadha Express coming from Delhi to Patna, panic among passengers

Patna. The big news is from Bihta, adjacent to the capital Patna, where a fire broke out in a bogie of Magadh Express coming from New Delhi to Patna. On Thursday, the train was passing through Bihta station, when a short circuit caught fire in the train. As soon as the fire started, there was a stir among the passengers in the car. The fire was brought under control by stopping the train at Bihta station. The D1 coach of the train suffered minor damage in the fire as the fire was brought under control in time.

There was no damage to the passengers due to the fire but the atmosphere of stampede prevailed in the vehicle for some time. It is said that a lot of smoke was rising from the train, after which the passengers were very scared. Confirming the incident, DRM Prabhat Kumar of Danapur said that there was smoking in the D1 coach, after which the fire was brought under control by stopping the vehicle in Bihta itself. It is said that the fire was reported at 12.05 in the afternoon, after which the railway staff immediately brought it under control.

The train was standing at Bihta station for a long time. Rambabu Singh, the pilot of the train, said that after the fire in the D1 coach, there was a lot of stampede among the passengers, after which the train was stopped at Bihta station and after that the fire was brought under control. This fire was caused due to short circuit. At present, all the passengers are said to be safe and after technical investigation, the train from Bihta will be opened for Patna.


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