‘Durga’ and ‘Kali’ stood up against the ‘unscrupulous’ SHO, so even in the cold, the Patna Police lost their sweat!

Patna. Preeti Kumari, an assistant working in the Revenue Board in the Secretariat of the Government of Bihar and her friend Kanchan Kumari, who works in another department in the Secretariat itself, are in discussion. In fact, their courage and tendency to raise their voice against injustice has put Patna Police in trouble. The way both of them stood up against the objectionable behavior of a police station in Patna and the support of the people came out in their favor, since then many people are not averse to naming them ‘Durga’ and ‘Kali’. This is the reason that now the Secretariat Service Association has also come out in their support.

Let us inform that on the evening of January 10, Preeti Kumari teachers snatched her mobile at Secretariat Gate number two of Patna. After this, along with her friend Kanchan, she reached the Secretariat police station where CP Gupta, the Sachivalaya Police Station, ordered both of them to be closed in the first custody after a dispute over the matter of receiving the application. After this, the Thanedar misbehaved by saying that even the father should be called.

Both the women work in the same agency of the Bihar government, so they did not have any idea that an officer of the police department would misbehave with them like this. It was a matter of coincidence that Kanchan, the friend of the victim Preeti, seeing the behavior of the police officer, captured all the pictures in the mobile from the middle of the incident. After the video of the incident went viral, the Patna Police became infuriated.

It should also be mentioned here that the office of the Secretariat ASP is also in the same campus. The women working in these two secretariats also raised questions on the working style of the ASP and said that they should have shown promptness in this whole matter, but despite being a female officer, they started speaking in favor of the station head. Seeing the matter gaining momentum, Patna SSP Manav Jeet Singh Dhillon has ordered the investigation of the entire matter to the Secretariat ASP itself. However, after he was ordered to investigate, Preeti Kumari and friend Kanchan Kumari have raised the question.

Both the women secretariat workers say that if only Kamya Mishra will investigate, then how will she be able to give justice? Meanwhile, the Secretariat Service Association has also come to the fore with these two women regarding the whole matter and has conveyed its feelings to the top officials on Wednesday in favor of both the women employees. Both these women are adamant on strict disciplinary action against the Secretariat SHO.

Seeing the trouble here, Patna Police is engaged in damage control of the whole matter. In the whole case, the CCTV camera installed in the police station is being scrutinized so that the incident can be seen from the beginning. In this entire case, the police will also record the statements of the victims Preeti Kumari and Kanchan Kumari.

However, the manner in which these two women protested the misbehavior of the police officer and called it an incident of hurting self-respect, calling for justice, in such a situation, the common people have praised the bravery of these two women. It will be interesting to see how the courage and fearlessness of these two women can beat the damage control started after the misbehavior of Patna Police. But their courage has set an example of protest against injustice and both of them are being praised everywhere.


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