Covid-19 Alert: 202 doctors and 607 health workers positive in Patna AIIMS, OPD affected

Patna. Effect of Corona Cases AIIMS Patna (AIIMS Patna) is being seen. Due to the increasing cases of corona here, now the OPD (OPD In AIIMS Patna) has also started to be affected. Patna AIIMS In 9 days, 607 health workers including 202 doctors have been infected with Karona due to which there has been panic in AIIMS administration. The health system of the hospital has also been affected due to the infection of doctors and health workers. Already, the number of patients in the OPD has been increased to 50, which will be seen in a day. However, for this also the number will have to be put a day in advance.

According to the report from Patna AIIMS management, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Lokesh Kumar has issued a press release saying that in the last 9 days from January 5, 13 faculty’s 53 senior residents, 101 junior residents, 20 inter doctors, 313 607 staff including nursing staff, 45 technical staff, 24 office staff, 23 attendants, 15 housekeeping staff are infected with corona, due to which the health system of Patna AIIMS has also been affected.

In the last 24 hours, 607 staff including 02 Faculty, 04 Senior Resident, 08 Junior Resident, 01 Intern Doctor, 37 Nursing Staff, 05 Technical Staff, 05 Office Staff, 06 Attendant, 04 Housekeeping Staff are infected with Corona. However, it is being said by the AIIMS management that despite a large number of staff getting infected in Patna AIIMS, no negligence is being taken in the treatment of corona patient. There has been a slight impact on the OPD, but due to its limitation, it is being managed now.

At the same time, according to the report released by Dr Sanjeev, the nodal officer of Patna AIIMS, till Thursday, a total of 64 corona patients are undergoing treatment in Patna AIIMS, while one corona infected patient has died in the last 24 hours. While 28 new corona positive patients have been admitted. At the same time, 20 treated patients have been cured and sent to their homes.


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