Bihar: ‘Baba’, who took the vaccine 12 times, got the support of big politicians, know what the SP said

Madhepura. Caught in a case of fraud by the Health Department after coming into the limelight by taking 12 doses of Corona Vaccine (12 Doses Of Corona Vaccine). brahmadev mandal To Madhepura Sadar RJD MLA Prof. The support of Chandrashekhar (Madhepura MLA Chandrashekhar) has been received. RJD MLA Prof. Chandrashekhar has written a letter to the SP demanding a stay on the arrest of Brahmadev Mandal. He has also raised many questions in his letter. He has written that even after taking 12 vaccines, how is an 84-year-old man safe? Why was there no adverse effect of the vaccine on an 84-year-old who took the vaccine twice within 48 hours, when the government fixed the gap between two doses of the vaccine at 84 days? How much truth is there in the claim that Brahmadev Mandal has talked about improving his health by taking the vaccine? Do Vaccines Really Work as a Painkiller?

Surrounding the health department and the government in this whole episode, he has written that on January 8, under sections 419/420 and 188, a case has been registered by the health department against Brahmadev Mandal. After this incident, Brahmadev Mandal is absconding and his family is scared. Taking a person 12 times corona vaccine raises many questions not only on that person but also on the system made regarding corona vaccination. When the government linked the vaccination process with the Aadhar card, how was the health department ignorant of its repeated vaccinations? He asked is it only the taker to blame for this? There are many such questions to which the police and scientists doing research on Corona should also be answered.

Demand to stop the arrest

The RJD MLA said that this incident can be a subject of research for scientists doing research on the ongoing corona virus and its medicines etc. The MLA has also sent a copy of this letter written in the name of the SP to the district officer. At the same time, the MLA has once again questioned the vaccine. Is it just water in whose name lakhs of crores of rupees are being wasted? In support of the MLA, the RJD district president has also investigated the matter and demanded a stay on the arrest of Brahmdev Mandal.

Pappu Yadav also defended the elderly

On the other hand, the National President of Jan Adhikar Party and former MP from Madhepura Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav has also put the government and the system in the dock on the FIR on Brahmdev Mandal. Pappu Yadav said that the police is behaving like a criminal with Brahmadev Mandal and his family. To hide his mistake, the health department has filed a case against him which is not tolerable.

Madhepura SP reacted for the first time

At the same time, for the first time in this matter, Madhepura SP has expressed its reaction. SP Rajesh Kumar said that in this case an FIR has been registered by the Health Department, in which it has been said that the accused Brahmadev Mandal, who is an 84-year-old elderly, has taken 12 doses of corona vaccine with the help of different identity cards and mobile numbers. . Which is a crime in the eyes of the health department. The police have registered the case. Police will do research on all the points. Brahmadev Mandal will also be questioned by our researchers, under what circumstances the corona vaccine was taken by them 12 times and the health department has been misled.

He said that he is a very old man. So the police will interrogate him sympathetically. We would like them to cooperate in the research. On the other hand, on the question asked by the local MLA and former MP regarding the demand for a stay on the arrest, he said that being a public representative, he has made a demand, I will not say anything in this regard, the police will do their job. When asked about the investigation related to the role of the health department, he said that the police will investigate from every angle.


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