Bihar: 30 bottles of liquor found from government office in Patna, there was panic in the police department

Patna. in Bihar prohibition law Efforts are being made at every level to make it effective. But, you will be surprised to know that despite the power and restrictions, people are not deterred from having a liquor party even in the government office. This is when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) has given oath to his officers and employees that he will never drink or allow to drink alcohol. But, the manner in which 30 empty bottles of liquor have been found inside a government office and on its campus in Patna has created a stir. The matter is of Kotwali police station area, the police has also arrested a person in this case. Along with this, an FIR has also been registered by the police. But this case has been registered by the police against unknown people.

In fact, there is the office of the Central Executive Engineer of the Building Construction Department of the Government of Bihar in Daroga Rai Path of Kotwali police station area. In the same office campus, a person was found drunk and after creating a ruckus, people were informed about it to the Kotwali police station.

The entire government office was searched

On interrogation, the police came to know that the person detained is a contractor’s staff and also looks after the government office. After this, when the office was searched, 4 empty liquor bottles were recovered from different rooms of the government office. After this, the team searched the entire campus inside and outside the office, and 26 empty liquor bottles were recovered from inside the bush.

Prohibition Department team started investigation

In all, 30 empty liquor bottles were recovered by the police from this government office. The team of Prohibition Department from the headquarters reached here and scrutinized the entire premises at their level. A case has been registered in this case on the statement of the police officer of Kotwali police station. According to the police officials, further investigation will be done in this matter.


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