Big News: Patna may soon see a total lockdown, DM warns, know new guidelines

Patna. The ever-increasing cases of Corona in Bihar (Corona Cases In Bihar) are breaking all the records behind. by the way corona infection It has spread rapidly all over Bihar. But, the capital Hotspot in Patna (Patna Declared Hotspot) zone has been declared. According to the data, more than 2 thousand corona positive cases are coming out in Patna every day. About this Patna DM Chandrashekhar Singh (Patna DM Chandrashekhar Singh) said that the negligence of the people has started getting heavy. Despite constant appeals and instructions, people are going out without masks and are not even following social distancing. Now in such a situation a situation of lockdown has arisen in Patna.

Patna DM said that if the figures keep increasing like this and people do not follow the corona guidelines strictly, then complete lockdown can also be imposed in Patna. At present, the district administration wants to overcome the third wave with some strictness and restrictions, but if the situation does not improve and people remain careless, then soon complete lockdown will also be considered.

Know when the lockdown will take

District Magistrate Chandrashekhar Singh also said that due to the complete lockdown, the difficulties of the people increase and the work, business, livelihood of the people are all affected. But, if the corona infection continues to grow like this and people are not able to handle it, then we will have to choose the path of lockdown as there is no solution. Therefore, there is still an appeal to the people that everyone should follow the Corona guidelines properly so that the lockdown does not have to be imposed in the capital.

Now the car will be confiscated for not wearing a mask
In view of the ever-increasing case of corona, the Bihar government has started a three-day special investigation campaign from today to strictly follow the corona guidelines. DM Chandrashekhar Singh said that whoever is being caught without a mask, he is being fined Rs 50. Vehicles can also be confiscated if the rules are not followed. Traveling without a mask has been banned in Patna.


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