IPL 2022: Sri Lanka and South Africa in preparation for IPL, the reason is Rs 100 crore

New Delhi. Preparations are going on in full swing for IPL 2022. Mega auction is to be held next month. But the cases of corona are increasing continuously in India. In such a situation, the option of organizing the tournament outside the country is also being explored. On Friday, there were more than 2.5 lakh cases in the country. The entire season of IPL 2020 was conducted in the UAE. Almost half of the IPL 2021 matches were held in the UAE. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has come forward to organize T20 league in the country. Apart from this, discussions are going on to organize events in South Africa as well. After all, why is a country coming forward with its event, so let us tell you what is the big reason for this.

BCCI In 2020, the Emirates Cricket Board had given around Rs 100 crore to organize the T20 league. That is, the board can get such a huge amount directly. Apart from this, all the teams stay in the hotel. This also benefits the domestic market there. This time 10 teams are landing instead of 8. In such a situation, understand that 10 big hotels will be with 10 teams for about 2 months. Crores of rupees are spent on this too.

First priority organizing at home

IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said that right now our first priority is to organize at home. But according to media reports, BCCI is also making Plan B. An official said that we do not want to depend on the UAE. Due to this, other venues are also being looked at. Meanwhile, the board is also considering organizing three venues in Maharashtra itself. But it will all depend on the case of Corona.

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Mega Auction on 12th and 13th February

Mega auction is to be held before IPL 2022. Recently, 8 old teams had retained 27 players. By 22 January, 2 new teams Lucknow and Ahmedabad will be able to add 3-3 players with them. The rest of the players will be involved in the auction. Hardik Pandya There is news of becoming the captain of the Ahmedabad team. Other than this KL Rahul May get the team command of Lucknow. This time the number of matches will also increase.


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