Ind vs sa class is permanent form is temporary proverb has hidden indolence of many cricketers

Team India, adorned with Surma, had come down with the intention of making a new history in South Africa (India vs South Africa). This team had a lot to prove. Captain Kohli is still the most successful captain in the world, after the arrival of Rahul Dravid, there is a different glow in Team India, and then what will Proteus win with the young team? But there was a big twist in the story and after winning the first test, the dreams that were cherished got dashed like a sand castle. In the weekly sports bulletin Suno Dil Se, today the news started with this match. I am present in your pleasure covering the cricket activities of the week. Accept Sanjay Banerjee’s salutations – listen from your heart.

On the South African pitch on which the host batsmen were scoring runs and bowlers were taking wickets, neither the runs were being collected from the Indian players nor the wickets were coming in the account. All this happened with the Indian team whose bench strength is considered to be the strongest. The bench may have been strong, but the team looked weak.

If India lost the second test, then the logic was ready to hide the head, Lokesh Rahul is the new captain, but now even Captain Saheb has bowed down. The host players proved that in the game, it is not ‘name’, but work brings victory. Keegan Pietersen, along with captain Dean Elgar and Temba Bavuma, finally showed that if they are senior players in the team, then their performances are also in line with that. The same work was done by his three famous bowlers Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Engidi and Marco Yansen.

In contrast, there were more than one name in the Indian team, but they fulfilled their responsibility by performing a few times. Imagine what would have happened if Rishabh Pant had not scored a century in the second innings. Pant was dismissed playing irresponsible shots in the last Test, but scored a century in it. Experts believe that this century of Rishabh Pant was more attractive than Sydney and Oval.

The graph of the decline in the performance of the Indian team in the last one year is clearly visible. The condition of Indian batting is that it could touch the 300-run mark only once in six innings. In the last 12-13 months, in the 24 complete innings in which India batted, it did not even touch the 200-run mark seven times. This clearly shows that the side that Team India was proud of proved to be the weakest side. The fate of a team where batsmen like Kohli, Rahul, Pujara, Pant and Rahane are present, is undoubtedly sad.

The adage of “Class is Permanent Form is Temporary” has hidden the indolence of many cricketers. After all, if someone is not in form, then how long should he be in the team, is the bench strength just to sit on the bench. A new perspective will emerge about Rahane and Pujara or they will be waiting for their form. Cricketers like Hanuma Vihari should not even retire from the bench. Will Dravid work on this idea, or will everything continue as usual.

Virat Kohli has improved himself in batting but is not able to leave his color in captaincy. In the second and third Tests, the edge of the Indian bowlers also appeared blunt. The host batsmen went on to score runs and got the target easily. Perhaps we took South Africa a little too lightly, defeated a strong Australia last year at their own home and this time saw South Africa as weak.

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