Ashes Test Series: The journey of Ashes Test series started with ‘death of cricket’, even today there is a battle for ‘ash’

New Delhi. England and Australia are considered to be the father countries of cricket. Officially, these 2 countries also started the longest format of the game, Test cricket. The first Test match was played between England and Australia (ENG vs AUS) in the year 1877. Since then, there has been a lot of progress in this game, but even today the cricket rivalry between these two countries remains a lot. Every year Ashes Test series between these 2 countries (Ashes Series) is also played. It is to start in Brisbane from 8 December this year. Before this, let us know why this series is called Ashes.

in the year 1882 australian team had toured England. Then in the first Test match played at the Oval ground, the England team easily lost the match. It was also embarrassing for his fans because England had lost a Test match on their own soil for the first time. The English media expressed great regret over this. Not only this, the English media termed this defeat as ‘the death of England cricket’. The next day the headline was printed in the newspaper and a condolence message was written.

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An English newspaper ‘The Sporting Times’ published a condolence message on the defeat. It read, ‘In the fond memory of English cricket who died on 29 August 1882 at the Oval. After his funeral his ashes (Ashes) will be taken to Australia. It felt very embarrassing and the England cricket team took a lesson from it. I was determined in my mind that the defeat would be avenged.

After this, when the England team left for the Australian tour in the next year i.e. 1883, following these lines, the English media talked about bringing back the Ashes. Then it was written- Quest to regain Ashes i.e. the desire to bring back the ashes. On this tour, the England team won the 3-Test series 2-1.

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Is the ashes really in the trophy?
Actually, Australia and England play for one Urn trophy. Arna is the vessel in which ashes or ashes are kept. Now after the name of the Ashes, the bails kept on the stumps were burnt to ashes and put in the urn and given to the captain of England. From there, this tradition started. Even today, the Ashes trophy is considered to be the same ash vessel. However, the winning players are given a replica of that earnings. This is because the original urn is fragile and is kept in the museum at Lord’s Ground.

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