Woman sleeping on boyfriend’s bed, the person’s senses flew away as soon as she saw the sheet! Started asking for money from girlfriend!

Relationship rules do not just mean living together, it is also necessary to take care of each other and respect each other’s feelings. Many times in relationships, couples forget these simple things and the result is that they become insensitive towards their partner. Recently, the news related to a similar person is surprising people on social media, who started demanding money from his girlfriend for buying a new bedsheet (Boyfriend Asked for Money From Girlfriend for New Bedsheet).

According to the Mirror website, recently on a group of social media site Reddit, a man shared such an incident related to his girlfriend that people started criticizing her. The man told that he and his girlfriend were in a relationship for 1 year. Both of them decided to be in live-in relationship some time back. Most of the things at home were of boyfriend’s money. The person also told that he likes cleanliness more than the limit. He can’t stand the slightest bit of dirt.

The person was surprised to see periods stain
In the past, his girlfriend’s period (Girlfriend Slept on Boyfriend’s Bed in Periods) was going on when she was sleeping on his bed. Suddenly the person noticed that there is a blood stain on the bed sheet (Boyfriend Found Periods Stain on Bedsheet). On seeing him, his senses were blown away and in anger he started questioning his girlfriend. The woman said that she felt that 3 days had passed, so the flow of periods would be less. This was the reason why he did not use sanitary products while sleeping. The woman also apologized to the man for his mistake, but he got very angry on her (Boyfriend angry over Girlfriend’s Period Stain on bedsheet) and started calling her irresponsible. Not only this, he also demanded money from the woman to bring new sheets. The girlfriend was in a lot of shock after hearing this. She was hurt by such attitude of boyfriend. So she washed the sheets herself and after a few days she went to live with her mother.

People put the class of the person on social media
Ever since the person shared this post on Reddit, people are criticizing him a lot. People say that if he has matured enough to have a relationship with a girl, then he should have enough understanding that periods are normal and just washing the sheet with cold water will remove the stain. People are cursing him for his bad behavior. The man also clarified from his post that he does not have problems with periods, even he goes to buy sanitary products with girlfriends, he was only worried about cleaning the sheets. Despite this, people taunted her a lot and suggested to the girl that she should leave such a person immediately.


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