Video: Tiger’s cub showers love on his mother, the love of a dangerous animal!

People like wildlife videos very much on social media. If these videos are of survival in the jungle, then they amaze us and if they are associated with love and peace, they win our hearts. One such video is going viral at the moment, in which a tiger cub (Tiger Cub Hugging Mother Video) is showing love to his mother.

Usually, Tiger, one of the most dangerous animals in the world, is seen only in cruelty videos, but the video will fill your mind with love. The way a tiger cub is showering love by clinging to its mother, it is a treat to the eyes. Seeing her, you will lose a moment in your childhood, when you must have loved to shower unnecessarily love on your mother.

The cub is lovingly hugging the mother
The tigress and her child are visible in the viral video (Viral On Internet). The beautiful moments between mother and child have been captured in the camera, which will make you smile. The tiger cub is making love to his mother by wrapping her around her neck. The tigress mother is also living this whole moment with joy and is loving her cub by licking her tongue. The video has been shared by IFS officer Sudha Raman, which has gone viral on Twitter. This lovely moment has been captured by award winning director, producer and cinematographer Subbaiah Nallamuthu.

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people liked video
Sharing this video, IFS officer Sudha Raman has written the caption – ‘I am sharing some beautiful moments from the forest with you. This world is full of love. All we need is harmony. The video was also shared by Subbaiah Nallamuthu himself on his Twitter. People have showered love by watching the video. Many people have praised photography, while many people have called the mother-child bond sacred.


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