The world’s loneliest bitch, who was in ‘Patal’ for 2 years, ran away in fear on seeing the light

Dog is the most loyal friend of man. Dogs are very friendly. If you give them food once, you will not forget for the rest of your life. Even if the dogs living on the street mix with a person, then they start wagging their tail on seeing him. But the dog we are talking about today, is that person afraid of dogs of his own species? Yes, we are talking about two-year-old Bella. Bela Paisa itself happened inside a drain. After that she never came out. In such a situation, she gets scared seeing anything.

Bella is known as Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog. He has spent his whole life in the drain. The RSPCA team rescued him and brought him to the shelter home. There Bela gets scared seeing the other dogs. In such a situation, only toys have been given to Bela. She plays with him. She gets scared even after going too close to humans. In the shelter home, people are busy spending time with Bela and making her normal.

Bella did not talk to anyone in the beginning

Hannah Hawkins of Selter Home told that although Bella is quite calm but prefers to be alone. Now shelter homes are keeping him for adoption. That is, soon Bela will have a new house. At first Bela used to get scared just seeing people. But now she has started playing with people apart from her toys. Bela was pulled from the bottom of a drain in February 2020. It was told that she had never come out of that drain.

most unwanted dog

Now Bella has started moving closer to humans with toys

Bela was afraid of Roshni for several days after bringing her to the shelter home. At the same time, she used to lurk after seeing other dogs. But then went to her room alone with the toys. Now after several months, she has started getting closer to the people. Along with this, she has also mingled with the trainers of the shelter home. Some of his friends have also become. Now soon she will be adopted and will have her own new home.


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