The woman jumped to death from the 86th floor, yet did not die! world’s most famous suicide

You must have heard people say that no one can die in peace. This is what happened during the suicide of a woman in America (United States News). She jumped down from the 86th floor to commit suicide, but luck was such that she did not die even then. This has been the most discussed suicide incident in history. You too will smile knowing about this interesting suicide.

This wish of those who decide to give up life and embrace death cannot be fulfilled unless destiny itself wants it so. Hearing the story of Elvita Adams, a 29-year-old woman from America, you will be forced to believe it. Otherwise, who survives safely after jumping from a height of 1000 feet?

Tired of life committed suicide
The most talked about suicide incident is not of today, but it happened on 2 December in the year 1979. Elvita Adams, who was a struggler in America’s Dream City New York Historical Suicide, was disappointed in view of her poor financial condition and decided to take a terrible step like suicide. He had lost his job and he did not even have the money to pay the rent of the house. Depressed, he jumped to die from the 86th floor of New York’s famous Empire State Building. She had thought before jumping from there that this was the last moment of her life and she jumped.

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What happened then was a miracle
Elvita had done her work, but when nature did its work, this suicide became famous in history. Actually, if Elvita jumped, she was to die, but after coming down only 20 feet due to strong wind, her body went back to the building due to the high pressure of air. Interestingly, she had only reached the 85th floor when she entered the building. She was only injured in the incident, but she did not die. When she opened her eyes, she could only feel pain. This is the reason that even after years, when there is a mention of suicide, then this case of America automatically gets remembered.


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