The girl became rich by wearing the descent of others, does not even buy a new bra!

Girls are very fond of wearing new clothes. This is the reason that if she has money in her hand, she spends it first in shopping. A British girl understood this weakness and stopped buying new clothes for herself. For many years, the girl has been showing tashan by wearing only the descent of others.

Becky Hughes, 24, works in the marketing industry. He has vowed to buy second hand clothes for the last 2 years instead of buying new clothes for himself. He has saved lakhs of rupees by this step. They have found this way to save money quite right.

girl buys charity clothes
Since the year 2018, Becky, a resident of Wolverhampton, left new clothes and started buying only second hand clothes. She buys clothes only from charity shops and apps. Her collection includes many designer clothes, which she has bought for just Rs 400-500. Whereas if these clothes are new, then they are easily available in 40-50 thousand. She wears good clothes by spending only 1000-1500 rupees a month. Surprisingly, Becky also buys her undergarments from charity shops. She has also collected her bra collection from charity shops.

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Earn money by selling your own clothes
Becky not only buys clothes worn by others but also sells clothes worn by her. She has comfortably earned Rs 2 -2.5 lakh from this. According to Mirror’s report, Becky saves around Rs 1 lakh in a year only by wearing clothes worn by others. She sells as much clothes as she buys, so her wardrobe is also right and her budget too.


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