The beginning of 2022 with devastation, the great catastrophe came from a volcano erupting under the sea!

Nature is a very interesting thing. If there is peace then this is the source of life. But if nature shows its formidable form, then it does not leave anyone. These days Tongo Island is facing the havoc of nature. This island is located in the continent of Australia. Here there has been a volcanic eruption under the sea (Volcano Eruption Inside Sea). Due to this explosion, the waves of the sea have become so severe that a tsunami warning has been given. No one had imagined that the world would face such a natural disaster in the very first month of 2022.

Video of this volcanic eruption was captured from space. In this, you can see how after the explosion the waves started rising to a great height above the water. Satellite images surprised everyone. An order has been sent to evacuate the island after the explosion. According to experts, now a tsunami can come here anytime. The waves took a fierce form only after the volcanic eruption.

Volcanic eruption has occurred near Tongo Island. But a tsunami alert has also been issued in New Zealand. This explosion happened this morning only. According to meteorologists, the situation can worsen significantly. In such a situation, a target has been set to clear the place as soon as possible. Many videos released by meteorologists on social media are going viral. In some videos, people can be seen emptying the area. In a video captured from the satellite, you can see how high waves started rising in the sky immediately after the explosion.

Seeing the videos going viral, many told it the possibility of the end of the world. One person wrote that how can we expect peace from 2022? Jaan is the beginning of the year. According to meteorologists, this explosion can bring huge destruction. The Tongo government has appealed to the people to vacate the area and go to a safe place. According to local media, ash was seen rising in the sky for about 20 kilometers after the explosion.


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