…so will India be found in Africa! Shocking prediction made through artificial intelligence!

As science is progressing, we are getting to know new things about ourselves and our future. Recently, such a shocking prediction has been made through Artificial Intelligence which has stunned everyone. According to a report by Indiatimes, Bharat will be found in Africa (India will crash into africa) in the coming 200 million years. But how will this be possible? Let me tell you.

How were the continents formed?
About 250 million years ago, when the Earth was formed, there was only one continent (How were Continents Formed) on Earth, which was named Pangaea. Time passed and after about 50 million years, the tectonic plates under the earth, the huge rocks on which the continents are made, started to move. Due to its slippage, the Pangea continent broke up and 2 new continents were formed. One was named Gondwana and the other was named Laurasia. Gondwana included today’s Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica and Apna Bharat. Gradually, when the tectonic plates of the Gondwana continents also began to move and broke away from the East Coast of Africa, the Indian subcontinent joined Asia. When these two tectonic plates collided, the world’s largest mountain range, the Himalayas, was formed.

When tectonic plates move, mountains are formed like the Himalayas did. (symbolic photo)

Research done through artificial intelligence
The movement of tectonic plates continues even today and in the same way, scientists have predicted that in the coming 200 million years, India, especially the western edge of India, will collide with Somalia and Madagascar of Africa (Indian Western Coastline will smash into Africa) Will take on the West Coast. Through a simulation of artificial intelligence, scientists have predicted that the Arabian Sea will dry up in the next 200 million years and India’s western coastline will replace the mountains of Somalia.

Who has done the research?
According to this research, Somalia’s capital Mogadishu and Mumbai will become neighbors of each other. Not only this, Kolkata and Mauritius on the east coast will also come very close to each other. The Sri Lanka we know today will become part of the Indian subcontinent. Let us tell you that this research paper has been published in the American Journal of Science by Professor Douwe van Hinsbergen of Utrecht University. Talking to the Indian Express, he said that the Somalia part of Africa will hit the western coast of India and fighting it will turn that part into a mountain.


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