People are using red chili sauce in condoms, doctors issued a warning!

Social media is used by almost everyone these days. It has become such a platform on which people also share many types of information. But many times you must have heard that not every information on the internet is correct. And there is no doubt about this. Now Dr. Erim Choudhury has told people the reality of a new kind of information that is trending on the internet. Actually, these days the trend of using Red Hot Sauce in condoms is going on on social media. But doctors have issued a warning regarding this.

Dr. Earim Chaudry has urged people not to follow the trend of pouring condom sauce by mistake to prevent pregnancy. This idea is trending a lot online. But now Dr. Arim, the director of the Men’s Health platform, said that even if you want to experiment in the bedroom, do not forget to do this red sauce experiment. He said that after applying red chilli chutney on his private part, the excitement will be less and the pain will be more.

Red sauce is claimed to kill sperm completely

Dr Erim further told that it is common to use food and drink in the name of experiment in the bedroom. But it is obvious that you would also not want to use red chili chutney. The chemicals present in hot sauce can make you feel very burning. Because of this, you can get a lot of pain and burning. There are about four thousand nerves in the private part of men. Also, there are twice as many nerves in the private part of women. In such a situation, the pain caused by putting red chili sauce in it can only be imagined.

red sauce in condoms

Doctors advised not to follow this trend at all

According to the trend, there are such chemicals in red sauce, due to which the sperms die. This eliminates every chance of getting pregnant. Because of this many people are trying to follow this trend. But the consequences of this are getting scary. Because of this, a request is being made to stay away from this trend.


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