Man stole girl’s scooty in public, latest way of stealing in broad daylight went viral

Many videos of theft are shared online (Robbery Video). You must have seen how cars that are locked for some time are stolen. But now the time has advanced. Who will try to break the lock? Because of this, thieves have now adopted a new method of theft. This latest method is going viral online (Latest Robbery Video). In this such a method of scooty theft was adopted that everyone was surprised.

This video of theft is being shared fiercely from Facebook to Instagram. In this, everyone was surprised to see how a scooty on the side of the road was stolen in broad daylight. In the video, first a person does a recce of a scooty on the side of the road. He saw that the scooty was locked. But instead of breaking the lock, this thief adopted another method. He quietly tied a cloth to the back of the scooty. After that the person left from there.

Shocking video of theft goes viral

After a while a girl came to the scooty and started it. But the scooty did not start due to the cloth being tied behind. Due to this the girl got upset. Then the thief offered help to the girl from the front. At first, to show the girl, he acted to start the scooty. After this, when the girl got busy on the phone, she cleverly removed the cloth from behind and started scooty and ran away.

People were surprised to see this video. At the same time, this shocking video was also shared fiercely. It was written in the caption along with the video – be careful, be careful. This video has been viewed millions of times so far. People are surprised how thefts happen in public now. However, after watching the video, it is also being speculated that this video has been made to alert people.


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