In the midst of the epidemic, the population of monkeys increased here, the citizens were blown away! people forced to leave home

The Coronavirus Pandemic has not yet finished wreaking havoc in the world. In India, the third wave of Coronavirus is also going on and lakhs of cases are coming out every day. By the way, as much as humans have been affected in Corona, animals have also been badly affected. Many animals are left hungry and thirsty after being imprisoned in the house of humans. But in a city in Thailand, the situation is different. Here the population of monkeys has increased during the epidemic and now humans are facing the brunt of it (Monkey Attack Humans in Thailand).

The city of Lopburi in Thailand (Lopburi, Thailand) is a stronghold of monkeys of the macaque species. Many monkeys have lived here for a long time, but now during the epidemic, the population of monkeys has suddenly increased here. According to the report of Daily Star, tourists from all over the world used to visit here, who used to give food and drink to the monkeys, which used to feed their stomach, but now since the people have stopped coming due to the corona epidemic, since then the monkeys have stopped coming. The lives of common citizens have been ruined.

Monkeys entering people’s homes
Tourists started coming again from November but they saw that the population of monkeys has increased a lot. If reports are to be believed, now monkeys are attacking people’s homes and stealing food items. Not only this, even walking on the road has become difficult for the people. Due to the fear of monkeys, now people are being forced to leave their homes and run away.

Failed attempt to control monkeys
Monkeys are now breaking into people’s cars, stealing goods from shops, fighting among themselves for food and their territory, and often even entering people’s homes. For a long time, the monkeys here live with humans, so now the fear for humans has also ended from inside them. In the year 2020, many monkeys were sterilized so that their population could be controlled, but this could not happen. Let us tell you that in the year 2020 and in the beginning of 2021, when there was a lockdown in the country, there was a ruckus of monkeys. They started fighting among themselves for food. Then the common people started feeding him fast food and food. After that the situation got worse.


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