In a moment, the bridge got absorbed in the strong flow of water, many people flowed, see the creepy scene in VIDEO

Bridge Collapse in Brazil: Many videos keep coming on social media every day, some of which are funny, while many are full of entertainment. But sometimes such videos also come in front of us, seeing which a person gets very scared. A similar video has come from Brazil, where a bridge was swept away by the torrent of strong water.

This entire video was captured in a CCTV which is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video is so painful that everyone is upset seeing it. It can be clearly seen in the video that there is a bridge in the middle of the city over the fast flowing water and people are moving on it unaware of any untoward incident. What do they know that what is going to happen to them in the next few moments?

During the movement of people, the bridge suddenly breaks and the people walking on it get absorbed in the water in a few seconds. The bridge gets washed away in the strong current of water. The person standing near the car on the side of the bridge also goes to one side in fear, but the flow of water is so fast that it takes him away with him and no one dares to save him.

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This video, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, has been shared through an Instagram page named memewalanews. People are very worried after seeing this.


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