Husband got dangerous disease after getting massage from parlor, wife divorced after knowing

In any relationship, trust is very much needed along with love. If cheating takes its place in the relationship, then that relationship cannot last long. On social media, a woman shared the story of a similar deception she met her husband. The woman hid her identity with her story. The woman claims that her husband cheated on her by going to the massage parlor. The proof of this deception is STI ie Sexually Transmitted Disease.

The case is from Richmond, Canada. The woman says that her husband was used to going to a licensed massage parlor there. By going there continuously, he got sexually transmitted disease. Due to this disease, the woman came to know that her husband did not go to the parlor only for massage. Fortunately, the woman survived from the grip of this disease. But after the reality came out, the woman decided to leave her husband.

The wife confirmed the matter by going to the parlor

The woman gave information about the incident in a Richmond News in Canada. She told that when she asked her husband about this disease, he shamelessly accepted it. Also, even after knowing about the divorce, he accepted the matter of going to this parlor further. But before troubling the matter of divorce in front of the husband, the woman wanted to be confirmed about it. For this, the woman took the husband’s picture and went to the massage parlor where she came to know the reality.

sti from massage parlor

The officials did not find any evidence against the parlor

The woman was confirmed by many women working there that her husband used to come to the parlor. But when this matter came to light, raids were conducted in this massage parlor. Then many officials told that no such work happens here. It is licensed for massage only. However, even before this, this parlor came under the scanner in March 2020. Then the vacancy of sex workers for this parlor was out on a website. Now after this incident again this parlor has come under controversy.


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