After 4 months of marriage, a woman is asking for a child from a young husband, wants to become a mother in 61 years

love is blind. When two people fall in love, they do not see anything right or wrong. Caste and caste are not visible in love. Now even the age gap does not stop people from being tied in bondage of love. Falling in this love, 24-year-old Quran McCain married 61-year-old Cheryl McGregor. After dating last year, both tied the knot. But now this couple is in discussion for some other reason.

This couple, who got married by defying the age gap, is now preparing to become parents. By the way, there is an age difference of 37 years between the two. But even after CK, both of them got married last year. Now the Quran told that he and his wife want to become parents soon. This will be the first child of both of them together. The couple, who lived in Georgia, Rome, had their first meeting when Koran was only 15 years old. At that time both met in a food chain. Curran used to work in Cheryl’s son’s shop.

The couple got married in September last year

Both were together since that time and now both of them got married last year. According to both, now is the right time when they should start their own family. Cheryl already has 7 children and 17 grandchildren. Even after this, now you want a child with you. Both are in touch with the doctor about how she will become a mother at this stage of age.

old woman wants to be pregnant

Now preparing to become parents through surrogacy

Quran told that they got married in September last year. Now after a few months, they feel that this is the perfect time to start a family. Cheryl has many kids but she wants kids from me now. Both tried to conceive in a natural way but due to Cheryl’s age, it is not possible. Now both are preparing for surrogacy or adoption.


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