A worm came out of the order of a famous pizza house, people started vomiting on seeing

In today’s time, junk food is included in the diet of most people. These items are made instantly and also fill the stomach of the people. However, these items are zero in terms of nutrition. But because of the taste, people like to eat them. From pizza-pasta to junk items, Chinese people like it a lot. Especially who doesn’t love Italian pizza. But if insects (Maggots In Pizza) are seen walking in this pizza, would you like to eat it?

Pizza Hut and Domino’s are most famous in India. But recently a person living in Auckland, New Zealand shared such a picture of Domino’s pizza, after seeing that you will probably never eat pizza. The man packed a pizza for himself from Domino’s and when he opened it after bringing it home, he was surprised to see insects moving inside it. Domino’s reputation has also been hit after the man’s claim.

Insects were running on the slices

The man was identified as Reginald Thalari. Reginald told that he had got four pizzas packed from Domino’s. He was enjoying pizza with his employees. After eating some slices, suddenly he saw something moving on top of the toppings. When he saw her closely with his employees, everyone got nauseous. Bugs were running on top of the pizza.

maggots in pizza

Domino’s denies the allegation

The person shared its picture online. In the picture, insects were seen walking on the ham and pepperoni pizza. The man says that he never dreamed that he would find insects in Domino’s Pizza. At the same time, Domino’s denied this after the pictures went viral. He said that Domino’s bakes fresh pizza. In such a situation, it is impossible to get the worm inside it. Worms will die while baking. However, Domino’s refunded him after the complaint.


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