A piece of plastic became fatal for turtle, the real cause of death came from the nose!

Humans have taken full advantage of nature. Dirt was spread everywhere. Whether it is land or sea, due to humans, pollution in environment is seen everywhere. Poison has also dissolved due to pollution in the air. Animals and animals also suffer a lot due to pollution. Recently, the body of a green baby turtle was found on the Pantai Pulo beach of Terengganu, Malaysia. A piece of plastic came out of this turtle’s nose.

Terengganu Fisheries Department director Ruzaidi Mamat told that earlier this month the bodies of three other baby turtles have also been found. People dispose garbage in the sea here. Apart from this, the dead bodies of about 51 turtles have been found only last year. Plastic pieces have been found from the stomach of all of them. Because of this these creatures died.

The bodies of four turtles have been found in January itself.

Recently, the visitor Mohamed Offendi Abd Aziz, who came to visit the seashore, had his eyes on the dead body of this turtle. The visitor had come for a walk with his son. The man saw a glowing thing in his nose, which he pulled out with his hand. It was a piece of plastic, which the turtle ate as food. This piece got stuck in his nose, due to which he could not breathe and he died.

The person posted its pictures on social media. After which people commented fiercely on it. People expressed concern over the accumulation of dirt in the environment. At the same time, people are surprised to see so much dirt being spread by people in Malaysia. People have appealed to the fishery department to take action in this regard as soon as possible and get involved in cleaning the water. So that there is no death of living beings like this.


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