A beautiful girl puts plaster on the walls decorated, people talk inverted!

It is said that no work is small or big. Similarly, no gender has been prescribed for any work that can be done by men and not women. Still, society has become accustomed to seeing men doing things like building houses and windows and doors. This is the reason that when women (Female Construction Workers) step into these non-traditional areas, they have to listen to the opposite words like British girl Hannah Uddin.

Hannah Uddin, a resident of Coventry, England, showed interest in learning work like construction leaving the traditional work. When Hanah, who is fond of decorating, reaches the university to study this course, people are stunned to see her. They can’t believe that any girl wants to learn building construction.

Like the British girl Hannah Uddin, for her job, she has to listen to the opposite. (Credit- The Sun)

Applying plaster with fake nails
18-year-old Hannah keeps sharing all such videos on Tiktok, in which she can be seen applying plaster on the walls. Even at this time, he has fake nails in his hands. During this, she is seen in full makeup. According to the report of The Sun, Hannah’s father is also in the construction business. In such a situation, he likes to learn work by visiting building sites from the age of 12. With the support of the family, he enrolled in the construction course in the college. He also got the support of his teachers, but his classmates used to look at him with strange eyes.

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Some people encourage him, then most people give him negative comments. (The Sun)

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‘This course is not for girls’
Hannah says that people find it strange to do her makeup and pay so much attention to her looks. They understand that I should be simple while in the male dominated construction business. Although he has got a good response from people on social media. His videos are well liked on Tiktok and Instagram. Some people encourage him, then most people give him negative comments. One user even told her that she is roaming around with plaster on herself more than the walls. However, Hannah does not mind them.


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