61 year old grandmother fell in love with 33 year old man working in son’s restaurant, people started trolling

In love, often a person does not see age, caste, religion etc. He falls in love with the one he loves, even in every circumstance. But society rarely adopts this thing. Recently, a grandmother living in America (American Grandmothe Married Young Boy) is in discussion for these reasons. Actually, the elderly woman has married a man 28 years younger than her (Woman Married 28 years younger Man). The big thing is that when she met that person, he was a teenager.

According to the Daily Star report, 61-year-old Cheryl McGregor is the grandmother of a 17-year-old young man. These days she is in a lot of discussion because she has married a man named Koran who is 28 years younger than her. According to the report, Sherrill met Quoran when he was only 15 years old, at that time he used to work in his son’s fast food restaurant. In the year 2012, when the young man turned 23 years old, Sheryl fell in love with him and both started spending time together.

According to the report of Daily Star, both of them have lashed out at their trolls on Tiktok. (Photo: Tiktok)

people troll on social media
Now Sherrill is 61 years old (61 year old woman fell in love with young man) and Koran is 33 years old but their love is very strong. Although both of them are very happy with each other, but people troll them a lot on social media. People often tell Koran that he should be ashamed that he’s in love with a woman his grandmother’s age. While many people even start calling him mentally ill.

61 yar old grandmother married 33 year old man 2

He met Sherrill when Koran was 15 years old. (Photo: Tiktok)

The couple got married last year
On social media, Koran said that he loves his wife very much and does not mind people’s criticisms. In September last year, Sheryl and Korana also got married, after which the criticism became even more. Koran gifted Sheryl a ring worth Rs 2 lakh. Although many people also support him on social media. Most people say that if both of them are happy with each other then no one else should have any problem with them.


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