50 percent men do not recognize its name, this thing is inserted inside women

50 percent men do not recognize its name, it is inserted inside women, you must have heard this thing many times that it is very difficult to know everything about a woman. Not only what goes on in their mind, but the things related to them are also so complicated that many everyone gets confused. Be it the shade of lipstick or the name of the fabric of clothes. You will find thousands of varieties in everything related to a woman. But there are some men who claim this time that they know everything about women. To test such experts, a picture was shared on Twitter in the past. Along with this, the men were asked whether they knew the name of this thing?

A woman posted this photo on the social media site Twitter. A T-Shape Thing was visible in it. The woman wrote in the caption with the picture that can anyone guess what this thing is? Many of the comments people made in response to this question were very funny. There are many different contraceptive methods available in the world for women as compared to men. This picture is related to this.

Fit is done in some such body

thing related to contraception
Women also prevent pregnancy by many other methods ranging from contraceptive medicines. Of these, most men know about condoms and medicines, but most men do not know about this T-shaped thing. especially abroad. There it is used quite rarely. In India it is known as Copper Tea. The picture of the same device was uploaded on Twitter by user @icarebabeeee. Also wrote that since many boys claim that they know everything about women, can anyone tell what is this thing?

The reality came from the comments
The comments made in response to this picture raised the concern of the people. Many men did not know what this thing is and what it is used for? One person commented and wrote that this is a toy with arrows. At the same time, one wrote it as an important thing related to periods. At the same time, failing all the answers, one wrote that this is a fishing hook. Please tell that its correct name is Coil. It is used as a form of contraception. It is inserted into the woman’s uterus by doctors. This method of birth control is 99 percent effective. But after reading the answer to this picture, people are surprised that how most people were not aware of such a thing?


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