UP Assembly Election: Changing leaders spoiled the math of ‘BJP votes’ in UP, know what is the reason

New Delhi, The challenges of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are not decreasing in terms of the Uttar Pradesh elections. The latest news is telling that in front of the BJP in the state, there is no challenge of leaders just running away and leaving the party. Rather, there is one more, due to which all the equations of the party are seen to be disturbed. According to Hindustan Times, this new challenge is also indicated by a tweet by Uttar Pradesh BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh. He did this tweet on Thursday. It read, ‘No earlier governments have given social, economic and political representation to the Other Backward Classes in the same way as the BJP government has given it. For us ‘P’ means backward and their welfare. Other’s ‘P’ means father, son and family.’ In this way, he also targeted the Samajwadi Party (SP) in the next part of his tweet, in which many famous BJP leaders have joined.

Actually, this tweet of the Uttar Pradesh BJP President is an indication that there is probably a crack in the Hindu votes of the state. Because all the leaders like Swami Prasad Maurya, who left the party, have a lot of influence in their respective communities, who belong to the Hindu Backward Classes (Hindu-OBC). For this reason, until some time ago, the election environment which seemed to revolve around Hindutva issues like Ram Mandir, Mathura, Kashi, has now come to OBC. has become focused.

Akhilesh is now the leader of backward classes
Ever since the Election Commission has announced the schedule for the Uttar Pradesh elections, so far more than 10 MLAs, ministers etc. have left the BJP and joined the SP. Most of them are considered to be leaders of OBC or Extremely Backward Classes (EBC). Lucknow-based political analyst Shashikant Pandey says, ‘Akhilesh Yadav is currently emerging as a recognized leader of backward classes. When people thought that they were inactive, then they were actually preparing to bring OBC leaders into their fold. Its results are now visible. However, now they will also have a challenge in front of them. That one, how to keep the leaders coming from outside satisfied. Because all of them are given tickets, the old party workers will be angry and if they are not given, then the leaders who jump and jump have no faith anyway.

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OBC close to 50% in Uttar Pradesh
Let’s talk equations further. In this, till some time ago, big leaders of BJP including Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were promoting this assembly election as 80% Hindu vs 20% non-Hindu. But now this equation has been reversed due to the stampede among the OBC leaders within the BJP. The reason is that about 50% of the population in the state is of OBC and most of them are Hindus. That is why now the BJP has to turn the pages of its mathematics again.


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