To avoid Omicron, follow this special method in a mask, Hong Kong’s health expert gave a big opinion

New Delhi: The new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has created a ruckus all over the world. Due to Omicron, there has been a huge jump in the cases of corona infection around the world. In India, the number of daily cases of Kovid infection (Corona Cases in India) has reached close to 2.5 lakhs within just ten days. Health experts are advising Omicron Cases in India to use social distancing and use of masks and frequent washing of hands to avoid corona infection. If these rules are followed properly, then infection can be avoided to a great extent. Now that Omicron is spreading at a much faster rate than other variants of Corona, Hong Kong experts have given a big opinion about the use of masks for high-risk patients.

Two virus experts from Hong Kong said that people who are at high risk should use two face masks. Experts say that the threat of Omicron is spreading rapidly, so those who are at high risk due to serious illness or other reasons should first use a surgical mask, followed by a cloth mask.

Experts say that surgical masks are generally lightweight and flexible, which are not able to completely protect against infection, so a cloth mask gives double protection over it. David Hui, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a member of the government’s scientific committee, said that double masks should be used when living in high-risk groups, highly infected places and public places.

Renowned microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung told local radio that people with chronic diseases or who cannot receive the COVID vaccine, as well as high-risk workers such as airport workers, should also use double-layer or double masks. needed. Filter efficiency is increased by dual masks.

It is worth noting that this advice of scientists comes at a time when Omicron is growing rapidly and this new form of virus is making its inroads even in places where people are already using masks. Despite applying masks, many people have come under the grip of infection, in such a situation, experts believe that the risk of infection is very high due to the use of poor quality masks and wrong types of masks. In such a situation, if the Omicron variant is to be avoided, then double mask should be used.


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