India-China military talks of the 14th round lasted till late night, the army chief said – the challenge on LAC has not reduced yet

New Delhi, The 14th round of military talks (Army Commander level Talk) to reduce tension on the Line of Actual Control (India-China, LAC) between India and China also did not yield any result. On this, Army Chief General MM Naravane said, ‘It is not necessary that any result comes out in every round of talks. More important is the dialogue, which is going on. With this, he also added that ‘China’s challenge has not diminished yet’ on the LAC.

During a conversation with the media, the Army Chief said, ‘The situation of the armies on both sides of the border is more or less the same right now. There has been no change in this. We are prepared for any situation as far as the challenge posed by the Chinese Army is concerned. Until the situation on the LAC becomes normal, our forces will stand on the border. He told that the situation on the LAC can be normalized in three ways. First- the face-to-face confrontation from both the sides should end. Second- A way should be found to remove the tension at the disputed sites. And third- the armies on both sides of the border should return to their former places.

It is noteworthy that the meeting of military commanders of India-China took place on this Wednesday in Chushul-Moldo on the Chinese side of the border. The talks started from 9.30 in the morning and went on till late night. No official statement has been issued regarding this conversation. But sources tell that the hot spring area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEastern Ladakh was at the center of the conversation. First of all, an attempt is being made to settle the dispute related to the same. After this the dispute related to Depsang will be discussed.

Can India withdraw army from Siachen?

On the question of Siachen, Army Chief MM Naravane has said, ‘India will have no hesitation in removing its army. But before that Pakistan has to understand the ground reality. Only after this, a decision on removing the army is possible.


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