Engineer Jaswant Singh Gill: The lives of 65 children were saved, now the film is being made, Akshay Kumar can play the role

Chandigarh, There has been a famous engineer of Amritsar, Punjab, Jaswant Singh Gill. A film is going to be made on them soon. There are reports that either Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan or Vicky Kaushal can play the role of Jaswant Singh in the film.

Jaswant Singh Gill was awarded the ‘Sarvettam Jeevan Raksha Padak’ in 1991 by the then President of India R. Venkataraman. A square on Amritsar’s Majitha Road has also been named after Jaswant Singh. However, now Jaswant Singh Gill is not in this world. He has passed away on 26 November 2019. But through his work and the film being made on it, his discussions are going to remain in the world for a long time.

Actually, Jaswant Singh Gill used to be an engineer of Coal India Limited. It was during his job that a coal mine in Raniganj, West Bengal was flooded with water. About 65 children got trapped in that mine. His life had come upon him. That’s when Jaswant Singh Gill took out all the children safely with the help of his skill and teammates. Now the same incident is going to be shown in the film.

Dr Sarvpreet Singh, son of Jaswant Singh Gill, says, ‘The preparation of the film had started during the lifetime of the father. The director of the film Dharmendra Suresh Desai also came to our house in this regard. He had a long conversation with his father. The agreement was reached with the filmmakers only then. The shooting of the film has to be done in real places. Therefore Coal India Limited has also been contacted. Some part of this film will also be filmed at the Indian School of Mines in Jharkhand, where father had spent some time. Shooting of the film will start soon in Amritsar’s Sathiala village, where he was born and Khalsa College, where he studied.


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