Center cut its own expert, said- Omicron is not a common cold

New Delhi. The central government has again cautioned people in a warning tone about the rapidly spreading variant Omicron of Corona Virus. Dr. VK Paul, the head of the task force formed to advise the central government in connection with the Corona epidemic, has said, ‘Omicron is not a common cold. We are seeing that misunderstandings are spreading in this regard. There is a need to avoid them.

Dr Paul said, ‘It is the responsibility of all of us to rein in the pace of Omicron infection. So everyone take precautions. Put on a mask Stay away from crowded places. Avoid traveling if it is not very important. Keep a distance of two yards during the conversation. Wash hands and take care of sanitization. Those who have not yet got the vaccine, they must take their dose. With all this we can beat the corona virus.

Let us inform that just on Tuesday, the Epidemiologist of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Jayaprakash Muliyil had said, ‘The rules made to deal with Corona need to be reconsidered. The reason for this is that now the results of the epidemic are coming out like common cold and cold. The Omicron is much lighter than all the previous Corona variants. It is not intimidating. Dr. Muliyil heads the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Institute of Epidemiology of ICMR.

At the same time, Dr Paul said, ‘Omicron needs to be taken seriously. It can do a big blow to our health system at any time. It is worth noting that the cases of corona infection in India have started increasing again in the last few days. The infection has been 60% in Kolkata, 27% in Mumbai and 23% in Delhi. Omicron is being blamed for this fast pace of infection.


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