Tulsi Ka Kadha: Drink Tulsi decoction to boost immunity, make these 2 ways

Tulsi Ka Kadha: Tulsi Ka Kadha is very beneficial for health. Tulsi plant is not only important from religious point of view, but it is also very useful for us in terms of health. The anti-allergic properties present in it are very helpful in protecting us from diseases. During the change in weather, the immunity of our body decreases. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that our body can fight diseases at such times. At this time, the decoction of basil can help our body a lot in fighting diseases.
It is believed that the change in weather starts only after Makar Sankranti. The cold starts to subside and spring begins to arrive. It is important to keep our body’s immunity strong even in this time. Recently, the cases of the new variant Omicron of Corona have also increased rapidly across the country, so everyone has become very concerned about their health. Today we are going to tell you 2 ways to make basil decoction to strengthen the immunity of your body, so that you can easily prepare it at home.

How to make Basil decoction

first way
To make a decoction of basil, take a deep-bottomed vessel. Put 2 glasses of water in it and put it on the gas to boil. When the water becomes hot, add basil leaves, grated ginger, cinnamon powder and black pepper and dissolve them all in water with the help of a spoon. After this, cover the pot and keep it to boil for about 15 minutes. When the quantity of water remains a little more than half, then turn off the gas and leave the decoction to cool down. In this way your basil decoction is ready.

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If you want, you can also add lemon juice, honey or jaggery to enhance its taste. Drinking this decoction daily during the change of season or in severe winters increases immunity along with relaxation in many diseases.

second way
To make a decoction of basil, first of all take basil leaves and wash them thoroughly. Now soak the dry grapes in clean water for 2 minutes. Now take black pepper and cinnamon and prepare its powder. After this, take ginger and grate it. In case of sore throat or feeling of cold, 2-3 cloves can also be used in the decoction. Now put 2 glasses of water in a deep-bottomed vessel and put it on the gas to boil. When the water becomes hot, put all the other things including basil, dry grapes in it and let the water boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

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In the meantime, cover the pot. When the water becomes half, then turn off the gas. After the water cools down, filter it through a sieve. In this way your immunity boosting decoction is ready.


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