Pollution: Morning walk in Delhi’s bad climate became fatal for ‘gentleman’, admitted to ICU

New Delhi. The climate of Delhi has deteriorated to such an extent that it can make you sick and very sick. These things are constantly being seen, heard and taught to you through the news. But, most of the people are not ready to accept these things. What do they think will happen because of this pollution? More and more there will be sore throat, cough, cold and headache.

Because of this thinking, people are not ready at all to accept the measures mentioned to prevent pollution. But, now the serious consequences of the pollution spread in Delhi-NCR have started to be seen. Due to this pollution, many people have come to the point of being admitted to the ICU. A similar case has come to the fore in Delhi’s Max Hospital.

In fact, a 55-year-old gentleman has recently been admitted to Max Hospital in Delhi. These gentlemen felt difficulty in breathing a few days ago. Gradually the difficulty in breathing increased. On measuring the saturation with an oximeter at home, it was found that the oxygen label of the body was also very low. After which, the family members reached Max Hospital in Delhi with these gentlemen.

If treatment is given at the right time, then the danger is averted
On examination, along with bronchitis, lack of oxygen and severe wheezing were found. Seeing the condition of the patient, he was immediately admitted to the ICU. Where the expert panel of doctors started their treatment. Thankfully, with the help of oxygen, nebulization, antibiotics and steroids, the danger threatening the life of these gentlemen was averted. After improving the health of these gentlemen, they were shifted from ICU to the ward.

According to Max Hospital, this gentleman neither had any difficulty in breathing in the past nor had any history of lung disease. Never even complained of chest congestion or wheezing in the past. Despite the increase in pollution in the past, he continued his morning walk. After which, he started getting symptoms like sore throat, cough, cold. Considering these symptoms as normal, these gentlemen continued to be careless.

These gentlemen continued to be careless even after getting the symptoms
Eventually, the situation reached such a point that his lungs became badly infected due to pollution and he started having trouble breathing. Due to which he had to be admitted to the ICU. According to Max Hospital, this is not the only case of lung infection due to pollution, but in the past, such cases are being reported continuously. Many of these patients are also those who did not have any lung-related disease in the past.

According to the doctors of Max Hospital, the situation of pollution in the capital still remains very sensitive. In such a situation, it is necessary that all the people strictly follow the precautions given to prevent pollution. Negligence towards pollution can lead to dire consequences.

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